Summer ‘Arts Crafts & Laughs’

Welcome Back! We are looking forward to another fun filled summer camp experience. Last year we had amazing weather and held our program outdoors. Our tented workspace, in the garden, allows us to enjoy the fresh air rain or shine!

We are a small community art space with a close connection to our surrounding community. Our Camp Assistants are young alumni from previous Annex Art Centre programs who help with activities and act as mentors for the younger children. During this extraordinary year we have succeeded in keeping the kids in our programs safe and happily distracted making beautiful art!

“Arts, Crafts & Laughs” 2024 Summer Camp Date

July 8 -12 

July 15 – 19  

July 22 – 26   (N/A )

July 29 – Aug 2    

Aug 12 – 16 

Aug  19 – 23     (N/A)

Aug 26 – September 8th  (closed)

 N/A ( not available refers to fully booked, if not certain please call Michele 416-433-8373)


The age range of the groups are generally 6 to 12 years. We extend a little flexibility in some circumstances for families with siblings. Please contact Michele to discuss this. 

All day camp 9:00 am – 4:00 pm  we break twice a day for ‘ snack and relax’ (we do offer some snacks but kids are welcome to bring their own).  Each camper must bring their own lunch and water bottle.

We hope that the kids will leave their personal toys at home or in their back pack until lunch time when they are engaged in free play.

Camp Registration and Fees


Full week camp fee is $390.00 plus 13% HST.
This fee includes all materials. We no longer hold spaces and in order to register,  payment must be made in full. In the case of an emergency we will make considerations for cancellation minus a 60.00 fee. Otherwise there are no cancellation refunds.

(Note the minimum group number is 8 and the maximum number is 18 students per session.) Low enrollment may result in cancellation.
Contact Michele at 416-433-8373 or with questions.

Our mornings will start with drawing activities and development of art projects. Each child will be given space to create according to their pace and skill level. In combination with a visual art program we have created interactive activities that involve improvisational skits and story telling with prop interaction. We will do walking trips to Vermont Park (weather permitting) to participate in free and structured play activity, wading pool/splash pad cool downs and lunch breaks (please pack a towel, swimsuit or clothing change if children want to participate). Often the children say they don’t want to be wet but is most often not the case so it is good to be prepared. The afternoon will focus on completing art projects. Our activities and breaks will take place in the back garden, which is safely shaded and gated.

Note: Artwork will be sent home on the final day of camp. If you are leaving before or  early on the final day please give us a heads up in advance.

We are so proud to show off the children’s artwork!

It’s not just art, it’s not just crafts, but it is all laughs!

We’re going to make art, friends and have fun doing it!

These are some examples of art activity we will explore. Depending on the skill set of the group the projects may be modified to be more or less challenging . They only represent a few of the projects that we do, before each camp a new itinerary is created so that repeat campers will always enjoy a new and fresh experience.

Drawing Challenges are a daily part of our routine. The kids are encouraged to open their imaginations and draw fantastical compositions. Each morning we begin with a new challenge. If time permits or in free time they can complete and colour their work. These drawings are then included in their journals/

Journal Design. This project is also a part of the daily routine. ‘Journaling’ inspires imagining, creating and collecting ideas. It is place to plan and pre draw projects. Insert thoughts and doodles. A keepsake of their art camp experience.

Mono Printing ,and Poster Art involves a variety of materials used to create images in repetition juxtaposed with icons that personify the artist and the time in which the piece is created. The results are printed on both paper and painted canvas. 

Collage , Sculpture, Relief 
This project starts on our excursions around the block and to the park. We call this project ‘Garbage Art, Lost and Found’. On this walk the campers are encouraged to find interesting items that don’t belong in nature and are not biodegradable. This project is a very effective experience in seeing how careless we can be with non recyclables. It evokes a lot of discussion about nature and how we can preserve it. It also develops an appreciation for shape and balance when creating an art piece. The result becomes  a sculpture or relief that is a beautiful and lasting reminder that reducing is the most important part of the 3R’s! (On this note I am happy to report that the annex neighbourhood has posed a challenge these last few years as the streets have offered much less litter!) Mobile Art. Each year we create new designs in mobile art which combine organic fabrications from sticks, rocks, beads and fabric. An art piece designed to be displayed in a natural setting such as the garden or veranda.

Water Colour Resist Painting: This technique explores positive and negative, colour blending and contrast. Marbleizing and Gel Soap Resist are samples of several painting technique we will explore as well as Paper Making from our own recycled pulp and flower petals.

Clay and Papier Mache, Fabric Creation.  With each new camp we come up with a new sculptural idea, This may involve making clay material or air dry. Mask or Totem object. This may involve fabric for doll / puppet making. The project will be tailored to the group.

  Come join us and make it a special summer!