Art Class After School Program

After School Arts Program

This has been an unusual and surreal time as the Corona Virus has caused us, like so many others in the Arts to close up shop. We have continued to keep the program alive for our wonderful annex kids by delivering art projects and communicating on zoom chats. We are confident that we will be back! We miss you all and look forward to a better future.

To all our friends and families be safe and keep smiling!

What does the Corona Virus even look like? The above is a drawing is what one of our kids think it looks like under a microscope;

What are the kids missing the most?



Look at at our gallery page for more of our art work!

Monday Class

“Draw , Paint , Sculpt and Create”  

6 – 10 yrs

 The class preparations will focus on projects that will develop from week to week. The students will be encouraged to plan and execute their designs with a sense of colour and texture, balance and composition. Appreciation of art history is an important part of our learning process. Students are given references to artists and mediums that span from Renaissance to contemporary. When possible we align our project to an eventful art exhibit visiting our AGO and or ROM.


Our new program will resume in September, each session is 8wks and runs consecutively after the last class, except for holidays which are omitted from the schedule.

Each 8 week session is 240.00   plus 13 % HST is applicable

Classes run 4:00 – 6:00 pm

September 9th – November 4th (Closed October 14th Thanksgiving)

November 11th – January 13th (Closed for Holiday Dec 23- Jan 5th)

January 20 – March 23th  (Closed March Break 16-20)

March 30th – June 1st  (Closed April 13th)

June 8 th – June 22nd (Note: this is a 3 week session and the fee is 90.00 & 13% hst)




Tuesday Class

“Draw, Paint,

Sculpt and Create”  

11 – 14 yrs

Wednesday Group So Fun!

This course also includes a variety of mediums and fabrications and projects are continued from week to week. We focus on development of each art piece and it’s completion. It is a advanced level which offers more art appreciation relative to art history and awareness.

Each session is 8 wks and runs consecutively following the last class. 240.00  & hst per 8 wks

4:00 – 6:00 pm  


September 3rd – October 22nd

October 29th – December 17th

January 7th – February 25th

March 3rd – April 28th

May 5 – June 23rd



Impressionism and still life

41                                                                     20151208_175556                                Didier Inspired Tin Head                                                                                                                                                  20151126_192927


                                                                     by Marlowe Bertram

Callista with a few things on her mind!

Wednesday Class

 “Draw, Paint, Sculpt and Create”

 5 – 8 yrs   

Mixed Media Pop Art……

This program is designed for a younger group who are early in exploring different art mediums. We concentrate on learning about the different components of a composition and the importance of balance and structure. Pre sketching and planning is encouraged .  All art mediums are practiced with a focus on project completion.

 Each session is 8 wks and runs consecutively following the last class. 

 240.00 & hst per 8 wks 4:00 – 6:00 pm

 September 4th – October 23rd

October 3oth – December 18th

January 8th – February – 26th

March 4th – April 29th

May 6th – June 24th

240.00 for 8 wk session 4- 6 pm

20151108_185737                               20160309_172754-2

 Thursday Class


“Art Social”   16 yrs plus 



This course is designed to bring  people together in a studio atmosphere to promote and advance their  creative abilities. There is no skill prerequisite and each individual can move through the sessions at their own pace. An exploration of contemporary art movements and art history influences will be the focus of  the projects. A variety of materials will be available to work in mediums from paint to sculptural affect. This class will be very helpful to those considering continuing art throughout secondary and post secondary school.

240.00 & hst per 8 wk session   6:00 – 8:00


.Branden Low Age 12 Still Life Guitar Chalk on Paper

Branden Low Age 12 Still Life Guitar Chalk on Paper

 Please contact Michele at for registration information.

240.00 per session all materials included


Sara Freitas, Mixed Media Collage with Guitar on Canvas

Sara Freitas, Mixed Media Collage with Guitar on Canvas

      The after school program has been a lot of fun! We have worked on several projects beginning from basic drawing skills to still life renderings in several mediums from chalk to paint, sculpting and mobile building.

We have talked a lot about the artists responsibility to our environment. Re- purposed materials are a big component of our art making. The students are encouraged to find creative ways to re use materials while at the same time applying basic art concepts to the end product.

The program is structured so that nothing is lost by late enrollment.  The participants of the Monday – Thursday classes are given personal sketch books that they can use to collect their , thoughts, sketches, and reference ideas throughout the session.

Contact Michele at or 416-433-8373  for registration information.


                                                       Handmade paper  with Collage by Julia Greer , Reiko Smith age 6

    Handmade paper with Collage by Callista age 8

The artists made paper from recycled materials, floral and vegetable scraps. They created a collage using natures scraps of sticks, bark and leaves to create an abstract impression of the August ‘Super Moon’ . This was inspired by a picture taken of the moon at Stony Lake ON.


Junior Afternoon Program

This program will be offered  from 1:00 – 3:00,  (days to be determined)

“Little Hands Art ” offers a program to preschoolers Ages 2+. This course is designed to introduce little ones to various art fabrications, exploring shapes, colour and texture. Our future artists begin their journey right here!! This program runs for 8 wks.   

All materials provided. Please contact Michele at for registration information.

Course fee: 240.00


Please note that a minimum of 5 students is required to fill a session, depending on the individual instructor. Additionally it is up to the instructor if they are willing to be flexible about age mixes. If  your child would benefit more in a younger /older age group please let us know.


Look what has been going on in the

After School Program!!!!

IMG_20150630_125801 Ben Pringle Age 6 Ben created his own personal gallery at home! He created beautiful art works in the Monday after school class. Art that was inspired by artists such as van Gogh, Cezanne, Klimt and Didier Triglia……above you can see how he has proudly displayed them. The young artists in the Monday program contributed so much to the class with their unique imagination and joyful spirit. image1                           image2                                                                     William Greer Age 8                         Julia Greer Age 6 Above are pencil and marker drawings by two of our  artists in the Monday after school class . William and Julia created these portraits based on ‘Art Nouveau’ artist Gustave Klimt’s ‘Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer.  Students were encouraged to look at this and other art works by  Klimpt through a magnifying glass and explore all the intricate shapes and vibrant colours , most often encased in gold ,that he used in his paintings. The result of this project was stunning as each student created their own unique mosaic-like  drawing full of exciting movement of patterns and colour. The students have been learning the importance of balance and contrast in their compositions whether working in abstract or still life. These portraits are testament to how they have learned to apply simple rudiments while still exploring the depth of their imagination. We love our moms and dads!!! 20150530_142315 (2)                                                         Acrylic Painted Clay Tile by Eric Childerhose

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