Art Class / After School Program

Art Class / After School Program 2022/2023

Welcome back friends!

We are looking forward to the fall /winter program and exploring more creative ideas! We continue to search for new ideas, working in all mediums of art with reflections contemporary and art history. We strive to provide the kids with a creative experience that is a lot of fun, creating works of art they can be proud of.

If you arPe returning to the program please note a few changes that have been made. Dates and sessions reflect TDSB holiday closures and are noted in the session dates. 


Monday Class 4-6pm

“Draw, Paint, Sculpt and Create” | 7 – 11 yrs

  • September 12 – November 7 (Closed October 10th Thanksgiving Day) Closed
  • November 14 – January 16 (closed for Winter Break December 22 – January 8 ) Closed
  • January 23 – March 27 (closed for Family Day, Feb 20 and March Break, March 13-17) Closed please contact Michele for questions about your registration   
  • April 1 – June 8 (8wks)   or to June 26 (11 weeks) (closed Easter April 7-10 and Vic day May 22)  

8 week session is $260.00 +HST.          11 week session is 357.00 +HST           

Palmerston students can be picked up from the school. Please indicate this option on the registration form.


Our programs are designed to provide a whole creative experience. We do not focus on one aspect of art but apply basic fundamentals to each and every project. Whether we are doing paint, collage or sculpture, we encourage  pre planning of composition, balance and perspective. We are project oriented and promote quality of workmanship and completion no matter what the individual skill level is.

The storefront windows have allowed us to present the children’s art pieces to the neighbourhood and have gained a lot of fans and evoked  so many joyous compliments over the years! 


Tuesday Class 4-6pm

“Draw, Paint,  Sculpt and Create” | 6- 11 yrs 

  • September 13 – November 1   Complete
  • November 8 – January 10 (closed Winter Break Dec 26-Jan 6)  Closed
  • January 17 – March 7 (closed March 13-17) Closed please contact Michele for availability
  • March 21  – May 9 
  • May 16 – June 27 ( 7 week session ) specified.

8 week session is $260.00 +HST       7 week session is 230.00 +HST

Palmerston students can be picked up from the school. Please indicate this option on the registration form.


This course also includes a variety of mediums and fabrications from paint to sculpture and projects are continued from week to week. We continue to focus on development of each art piece and it’s completion. 

Wednesday Class 4-6pm

“Draw, Paint,  Sculpt and Create” |  11 + years+

  • September 14 – November 2 Complete
  • November 9 – January 11 (closed for Winter Break, December 26- Jan 6)  Closed
  • January 18 – March 8 (closed March 13-17)  
  • March 22 – May 8 
  • May 17 – June 28th (7 week session)

The holiday closures are reflected in the dates and all sessions are 8 weeks unless specified.

8 week session is $260.00 +HST.            7 week session 230.00 +HST.


The class preparations focus on projects that will develop from week to week. The students will be encouraged to plan and execute their designs with a sense of colour and texture, balance and composition. Appreciation of art history is an important part of our learning process. Students are given references to artists and mediums that span from Renaissance to contemporary. When possible we align our project to an eventful art exhibit visiting our AGO and or ROM.

 We Survived!

We had a great spring session staying safe and healthy while creating beautiful art. The Monday and Tuesday group worked on a Sculptural Mask Relief on canvas which encouraged thoughts on a subject that best suited their hopes and dreams. The popular theme spoke of the earth and its environment.


Tres Cool!!!!!!

A little thing we did while the doors were closed.

I asked the kids to send me drawings of what they thought Covid looked like under a microscope. A way to look at our adversary in a creative light. Bacteria and virus cells are quite surprisingly beautiful in colours and patterns.

The above is a what our young artist Flora thinks  the Corona virus looks like.   

And we miss the kids!


Thursday Class 4:00-6:00pm 12 yrs +



$260.00 +HST per 8 week session.



Please note that a minimum of 5 students is required to fill a session, depending on the individual instructor. Additionally it is up to the instructor if they are willing to be flexible about age mixes. If  your child would benefit more in a younger / older age group please let us know.