Art Class / After School Program

What a wonderful Winter / Spring Program we had, the kids explored so many exciting mediums from paint to sculpture and our windows were full of the results of their amazing creations…..(much to the delight of our viewing audience who continue to watch our progress and sing praises to the kids)


After School Art Program, 2022/2023


We will be posting our new fall to spring program soon, please stay posted or email if you have any questions. In the meantime enjoy the beautiful weather, stay cool and hopefully we will see you again in the fall!


Monday Class 4-6pm

“Draw, Paint, Sculpt and Create” | 6 – 11 yrs

  • September 13 – November 8 (closed for Thanksgiving, October 11) Session closed
  • November 15 – January 17 (closed for Winter Break, December 20 – 31)  Closed
  • January 24 – April 4 (closed for Family Day, Feb.21 and March Break, March 14-18) Closed 
  • April 11 – June 13 (8wks)  (closed Easter Monday, April 18 and May 23, Vic Day) The fee for these sessions is listed below. The holiday closures are reflected in each session. Closed

8 week session is $240.00 +HST.                     

Palmerston students can be picked up from the school. Please indicate this option on the registration form.


This program is designed for a younger group who will be exploring different art mediums. We concentrate on learning about the different components of a composition and the importance of balance and structure. Pre-sketching and planning is encouraged. All art mediums are practiced with a focus on project completion.

Our new program will resume in September, each session is 8 weeks and runs consecutively after the last class, except for holidays which are omitted from the schedule. 

Tuesday Class 4-6pm

“Draw, Paint,  Sculpt and Create” | 7- 11 yrs 

  • September 14 – November 2  Registration for this session is closed 
  • November 9 – January 11 (closed Winter Break, December 20 – 31)Registration for this session is closed 
  • January 18 – March 29 (closed for March 14-18 break) Closed 
  • April 5th  – May 24 
  • May 31- June 27 ( 5 week session only)

The holiday closures are reflected in the dates and all sessions are 8 weeks unless specified.

8 week session is $240.00 +HST.                         5 week session is $150.00.00 +HST.

Palmerston students can be picked up from the school. Please indicate this option on the registration form.


This course also includes a variety of mediums and fabrications and projects are continued from week to week. We focus on development of each art piece and it’s completion. It is a advanced level which offers more art appreciation relative to art history and awareness.

Wednesday Class 4-6pm

“Draw, Paint,  Sculpt and Create” |  12 + years+

  • September 15 – November 3 Session closed
  • November 10 – January 12 (closed for Winter Break, December 20-31) Session closed
  • January 19 – March 30 (closed March 14-18 March break)  Session closed
  • April 6 – May 25th Session closed
  • June 1 – June 29th Session closed

The holiday closures are reflected in the dates and all sessions are 8 weeks unless specified.

8 week session is $240.00 +HST.                  5 week session is $150.00 +HST.


The class preparations focus on projects that will develop from week to week. The students will be encouraged to plan and execute their designs with a sense of colour and texture, balance and composition. Appreciation of art history is an important part of our learning process. Students are given references to artists and mediums that span from Renaissance to contemporary. When possible we align our project to an eventful art exhibit visiting our AGO and or ROM.

 We Survived!

We had a great spring session staying safe and healthy while creating beautiful art. The Monday and Tuesday group worked on a Sculptural Mask Relief on canvas which encouraged thoughts on a subject that best suited their hopes and dreams. The popular theme spoke of the earth and its environment.


Tres Cool!!!!!!

A little thing we did while the doors were closed.

I asked the kids to send me drawings of what they thought Covid looked like under a microscope. A way to look at our adversary in a creative light. Bacteria and virus cells are quite surprisingly beautiful in colours and patterns.

The above is a what our young artist Flora thinks  the Corona virus looks like.   

And we miss the kids!


Thursday Class 5:30-6:30pm

“Art Social” | 12 years+

$240.00 +HST per 8 week session.

This session aims to bring art minded young people together in a studio atmosphere to promote and advance their  creative abilities. There is no skill prerequisite and each individual can work at their own pace. An exploration of contemporary art movements and art history influences will be the focus of this session. A variety of materials will be available to work in mediums from paint to sculpture. This studio session would also be recommended for those who want studio space for doing independent art work.

We are currently not running this program. We will keep you posted when registration begins again.

Junior Afternoon Program

“Little Hands Art” | Preschoolers ages 2+

This program will be offered from 1:00 – 3:00 PM.

“Little Hands Art” offers a program to preschoolers ages 2+. This course is designed to introduce little ones to various art fabrications, exploring shapes, colour and texture. Our future artists begin their journey right here! This program runs for 8 weeks.

All materials provided. Please contact Michele at for registration information.

$240.00 +HST per 8 week session.


Please note that a minimum of 5 students is required to fill a session, depending on the individual instructor. Additionally it is up to the instructor if they are willing to be flexible about age mixes. If  your child would benefit more in a younger / older age group please let us know.

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